Management Services:
1. Monthly collection of rents. On the 10th day of each month or the first business day thereafter ; I will transfer the rent minus the management fee and unpaid repairs bills in the owners account in any bank, credit union, or savings association. If for any reason the deposit will not be made I will call you on the 8th and tell you WHY and WHEN it will be made.
2. On the tenth day of each month you are able to look on line at your statement for the month. It will show the rent collected, management fee,  and any repair bills.
3. You will be called, texted or emailed on handling of any necessary repairs needed on the property. Any repair in excess of $250.00 must be authorized by the owner unless it is considered to be a condition that adversely affects the health or safety of an ordinary person.
4. A routine drive by inspection is done as needed.
5. I do not collect any surcharge for handling repairs or dealing with insurance adjustors.
6. There are no fees until I have your property leased. I charge one half of the first month’s rent as a set-up fee.
7. My management fee is as follows:
Ten (10%) of the rent collected for properties that rent for $1000.00 or less.
Flat fee of $100.00 for properties that rent from $1000.00 to $1499.00
Flat fee of $125.00 for properties that rent from $1500.00 to $1799.00.
Flat fee of $150.00 for properties that rent from $1800.00 and up
8. I do not charge a management fee until that month’s rent is collected.
9. Subchapter D, Chapter 92 Texas Property Code requires that all rental property must be rekeyed each time a new tenant moves in.
I will do whatever within reason to get your property leased and taken care of as if it was my own house.

Areas We Serve:

San Antonio, TX Converse, TX
Schertz, TX Cibolo, TX
Universal City, TX